Free yourself from the browser when posting to the Commons, Part 1: ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a one-click-access app that gives me a quick and easy way to post to my commons blog.  It installs as an extension for Firefox, Chrome (and Chromium, Linux lovers), Opera and Safari.

I did just what I said, and came back to add some images through Commons. Enjoy!


BEFORE you do any of this, go to your Blog dashboard, then change the writing settings so that XML-RPC publishing is enabled.  If you also enable Atom publishing, you can even post from Word.  I’ll cover that in another post.

Enter "" and click "Next"

I configured it by clicking “Add a New Blog”, then added as the URL, and my commons credentials that I use to log in through the web portal.  After clicking Next, Scribefire detected the Woredpress installation, retrieved my list of blogs (just one, for now!), and let me save it to my list of blogs I write outside of commons.

The left panel gives me quick access to the blog where I would like to post, the choice of post or page entries to edit — along with a Start a New Post link – anf my categories and tags.  These are all easily maintained and edited through the one panel, so I no longer need to wait for page reloads when working in Commons.

Configured automatically! Just enter your username and password and click "Finish"

The righthand pane fills the remaining space, and is a slick, streamlined version of what I see on a new post page.  The Post Content toolbar is lacking the “Kitchen Sink” panel available through WordPress, but I have just about everything I need to write a formatted post, insert a few images, and insert YouTube videos.  Unfortunately, there is no access to my Commons media library, but when inspiration hits, I am only a few clicks away from getting my content online.  Below the text box, the option to Save Progress as a draft or to Publish gives me the flexibility to make some changes and insert content from my library.

One click access from the browser toolbar.

Screenshots are on their way.